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【演題】 Intravital imaging of sterile inflammation

【講師】 Jing Wang 博士 Postdoctoral Fellow

【所属】 University of Calgary

【日時】 平成27年12月7日(月)17:30-19:00
【講演要旨】  Our immune system is designed to protect us from harmful agents. It must initiate a rapid potent inflammatory response to eliminate invading pathogens. Although similar to the eradication of pathogens, the inflammatory response can also occur following a sterile injury and is required for tissue repair and wound healing. In order to understand how innate immune cells such as neutrophils and monocytes response to sterile inflammation and their contribution to tissue repair, we have developed a novel model that has allowed us to visualize right inside a tiny sterile injury where approximately 200 cells in liver are killed. Using dual laser spinning disk intravital microscopy and mice with fluorescent reporters, we were able to track the dynamic behaviors of neutrophils and monocytes that enter into the inflamed lesion. In this seminar, I will provide the data to support the hypothesis that neutrophils can be cleared from an inflammation site through reverse transmigration and re-enter into the blood flow. In addition, I will also discuss how monocytes and macrophages are recruited to sterile injury through different pathways and their roles in promoting tissue repair.

This seminar will be held in English

詳細はこちらをご覧下さい。 seminar64.pdf

問合せ先: 医学医療系・免疫学
渋谷 彰(ashibuya@md.tsukuba.ac.jp