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【演題】 Control of Enteric Pathogens by Host Immunity and the Microbiota

【Guest Speaker】 Dr. Gabriel Núñez
Professor, University of Michigan Department of Pathology and Comprehensive Cancer Center

【日時】 平成27年6月17日(水)12:15-13:30
【場所】 Clinical Lecture Room B in Medical Area 医学エリア 臨床講義室B
【講演要旨】 The mechanisms that allow pathogens to colonize the intestine and to cause disease are poorly understood. Our laboratory is using Citrobacter rodentium, a mouse pathogen that models human infections by enteropathogenic E. coli, to understand the mechanisms that regulate the colonization and clearance of the pathogen in the gut. These studies have revealed how the pathogen colonize and replicate successfully in the intestine early during infection and how the host immune system and the indigenous microbiota cooperate to eradicate the pathogen in the later stage of the infection.

This seminar will be held in English

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